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19 cm eye worm 


Should I be worried that my computer turns itself back on unprompted/re-powers out of sleep mode every time I walk into my bedroom or flattered that the Feds are clearly (sloppily) spying on me in my own home?


It literally kills me when men think they know women’s fashion better than women

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This is how we do it.

U.S. Air Force Major David Nance, 99th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron, drives behind a U-2 Dragon Lady while it lands at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. The U-2 uses chase vehicles to communicate altitude and alignment corrections during takeoff and landing, as the pilot has zero visibility to ground and wing clearance.

(Photos by Staff Sergeant Eric Harris, 23 NOV 2010.)

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i like grimes

mods are asleep, post chemtrails