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date a girl who is your girlfriend

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weird US history: former head of state Jimmy Carter was known to have spent the latter years of his presidency in the companionship of a rabbit-like demonoid imp or familiar dubbed “Spanky” with whom he would commune in the nighttime. ex first lady Rosalynn Carter made reference to the situation in her controversial 2006 autobiography: “Around ‘79 he [Jimmy Carter] had taken up this unusual habit of leaving the grounds late into the night, around 2:00-3:00am, in a completely and total fervor, and come back a mess early in the morning with twigs and mud and blood on his body…”




Carter fishing with his familiar, Spanky

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#myNYPD (Part I)

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Never again will I shop at REI. All I told them was that I wanted to climb mountains and mine the Coors Light out of the rocks, and they had the balls to tell me “That’s just a commercial!” and “In your shape you’d surely die!”